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Covid-19 Protocols

PLANET DANCE has updated their safety plan to adhere with CDC and
local government guidelines. 
The safety and well-being of our dance community

has always been a top priority at Planet Dance, and we believe it is important to

provide you with a detailed explanation of what to expect. 

1. Preparing for your dance class

Registration requirements:

The safety of our dance students starts well before entering the studio.
In order to help limit the amount of people inside the studio during
any given time, all classes require advanced registration. Reservations
are held for pre-paid dancers only. Registration and payments are done


Entering the studio and preparing for class:

*We ask that students bring minimal personal belongings into the
studio. Please refrain from bringing large bags, food, and extra clothing
into the studio. Dance shoes, phone, and water bottles are acceptable.

*After entering, students must sanitize their hands before entering the
classroom. Students will then proceed to the appropriate dance room,
and prepare for class while being respectful of personal space.

* Students are not required to wear a mask, but may do so if they feel

more comfortable. After each class, a staff member will disinfect all

touch areas before the next class comes in.

2. Our Student & Staff Code of Conduct

In order to keep you, your family, and our team safe, we are asking
everyone who enters Planet Dance to agree to the health code of

 Stay home if experiencing any symptoms of illness or fever

 Sanitize hands when entering the classroom
Bring minimal personal items into the studio
 Wash your hands per posted CDC guidelines
 Maintain 6-ft of distance at all times with other students and staff
when possible

3. Studio Updates & Cleaning procedures


Prior to our re-opening we’ve made several updates to our studio.
These updates not only give the space a fresh look and feel, but they
also help to ensure a cleaner, safer environment. 

In All Studios:

We use High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purifiers in dance rooms
Commercial-grade sanitizing sprayer for floors and touch areas
Hand sanitizing stations
Spray bottles with disinfectant in each studio

New Cleaning and Sanitizing Equipment:
We’ve invested in an industrial sanitizing sprayer to disinfect and clean
all hard floor surfaces and touch areas in the studio using medical
grade disinfectants that are EPA-registered on all surfaces. We’ve also
purchased two High-Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) purifiers to help
filtration and to reduce transmission of various airborne particles and

We use all-natural, non-toxic, non-irritant, and environmentally safe
antimicrobial sprays frequently in between classes.

4.  Conclusion

We hope that our efforts better help to make you feel safe, protected,

and valued as a member of Planet Dance. It is our hope that our families

trust us to keep our studio clean and to hold all members of our dance

community to the same standards, while still enjoying the energy and

environment they know and love. 

If there is anything additional we can add to make you feel safe in our
studio, please let us know. We look forward to welcoming you back and to
be an integral part of your dance journey!


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